NeuroTextile is a revolutionary method for analyzing how textiles are perceived on the skin using EEG brain scans.

The future of the textile industry belongs to the company, which understands the perception of their customers.

We evaluate the perception of your textile using NeuroTextile – a revolutionary approach using EEG brain scans. This was developed by The Neuromarketing Labs in cooperation with the Hohenstein Institutes. This innovative approach allows us to determine directly from brain activity how textiles are perceived and what influence they have on the mental capacity of the wearer.


Increased perception of  how pleasant a textile feels improves the well-being  of your customer. By measuring unconscious processes via brain scans we help you obtain a deep understanding of how your customer feels when in contact with your fabrics.

Benefits of using NeuroTextile:


  • Test novel and custom fabrics that improve performance of  military, pilots, sportspeople, and fire-departments

  • Invest your budget effectively in fabrics proven to evoke the desired emotional and attentional effects on the wearer

  • Base your sales and marketing strategy on scientifically-grounded data


Textile study

On behalf of the Hohenstein Institute we developed a tool to measure the perception of different textiles on the skin. Several different textiles were tested, including a novel shirt, on different locations of the arm while EEG brain activity was being recorded. We measured brain reactions to the different textiles. We found that while wearing a comfortable textile, subjects were less mentally distracted and could focus better. This is a valuable tool for professionals and athletes.

Textile study


The newly developed garment  evoked positive emotions and improved the sense of emotional wellbeing. Furthermore, the fabric  improved attention by consuming less cognitive resources than the other fabrics.

Read more about the NeuroTextile study

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