Do you really know which TV commercial is the most effective?

Studies and research have repeatedly shown that intuition often does not correspond to reality. We have developed a method that predicts the success of different TV commercials directly by using brain scans. We analyze your TV, radio and print advertisements with respect to emotions, attention and memory recollection.


We predict which ad version elicits the best desired response, e.g. the highest desire to buy.





measure emotions in ads

Knowing the emotional impact of an ad is the key to optimize and improve the effectiveness of your ad campaign.

"Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half!" (Henry Ford)


Using NeuroAdvertising we analyze TV, radio, and print commercials . In Partnership with Neurensics Germany we measure the activation of 13 emotional networks using fMRI brain scans of which each is relevant for the forecast of consumer behavior.


We obtain an exact understanding of the scene-by-scene effect of an ad by using EEG brain activity combined with eye tracking.  With millisecond precision we determine when certain emotions arise, and the level of  attention, and retention in memory. 


See the videos for examples of we track the emotional responses on a milisecond by milisecond basis.

Mercedes - NeuroAdvertising-Study of
The Neuromarketing Labs

Becks - NeuroAdvertising-Study of 

The Neuromarketing Labs

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Hornbach - NeuroAdvertising study by The Neuromarketing Labs

Praktiker - NeuroAdvertising study by The Neuromarketing Labs

OBI - NeuroAdvertising study by the Neuromarketing Labs

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