Brands are more than just a logo or a slogan. Brands are an experience you can provide for your customers – it is the way, they perceive your company, what you stand for and what you promise.


Having a high brand value or brand equity is crucial for any company, because it increases the value of the product, consumer recognition and quality perception. These factors will in turn positively influence financial value and profit margins, because in essence good brand equity is equivalent to the amount of money consumers will pay just because it is your brand.


There are several ways to actively create brand value, but one of the keys to any strategy is truly understanding, how your brand is perceived, which emotions it arouses, what associations it evokes and what messages it conveys.

The Neuromarketing Labs and Neurensics Germany offer EEG, fMRI and eye-tracking to identify, what your customers truly think about your brand, what their experience is like and thus identify strong and weak points in your branding strategy.


By knowing what your consumers’ want, you can improve your products and adapt your advertisement messages to meet those needs. Being sensitive to details and focusing on solutions will give your brand strength and value.;

We are by your side whenever you need to make a decision:

Which agency pitch is the best?

Which advertising slogan to choose?

Which brand name is best?

Which product evokes the buying desire?

We will tell you, whether the message you intend to convey and your own brand image is equivalent to what reaches the consumer and their brand perception.


“The word design is everything and nothing. The design and the product itself are inseparable” (Jonathan Ive, brt. Designer).


Whether web, print or product design - design is the key factor that distinguishes a brand or a company from its competitors. The design of a company is its business card and its mirror image, because that is the first thing the consumer perceives. In today’s excess of supply, the design of a product, website or printed material can be the deciding factor whether the customer choose it or not. Bad design can quickly become a criterion for exclusion.



We analyze the emotional impact of your web, print or product designs on the brain and support you in choosing the version that is most strongly associated with the purchase desire 

The perception of design is based on unconscious and emotional processes. With neuroscientific methods such as EEG or fMRI, we are able to gain insight into these processes.


“More and more products are coming out in fiercely protective packaging designed to prevent consumers from consuming them. These days you have to open almost every consumer item by gnawing on the packaging” (Dave Barry, American Writer and Humorist).


The packaging of a product is the initial communication with the customer at the POS. In times, where products are barely distinguishable from each other in terms of functionality and quality, packaging plays a major role. Brands can differentiate themselves by competitors on the individuality of their packaging. At the same time, the packaging is representative of a brand as it reflects attitudes and values of a company.


We measure exactly where the decision is made - in the brains of your customers. 


At the POS the decision whether to add a product to the cart or not falls within milliseconds. These processes take place unconsciously and emotionally. With neuroscientific methods, such as EEG and fMRI, we are able to capture the emotional processes directly in the brain, where the decision is made. 



We analyze your packaging versions before the production and support you in choosing the package that triggers the strongest buying desire

Success Prediction

Are you facing the tough decision of trying to finalize the pieces of a fashion collection, or choose a particular product design over other prototypes?

So far, you rely on your intuition or the customers's explicit opinion to predict the eventual success of those products or features. Your data shows, that consumers often times behave unpredictably? We can help you put an end to this “game of chance” by developing neuroscientific predictors tailored to your question. We improve the hit rate your products or your portfolio by directly accessing the brain of your customers to reveal what they really think. 


Brain scans are proven to be more reliable for behavioral predictions than any other existing market research method.

Case study from a customized predictor study 


Specifically developed algorithms are implemented to test fashion collections and make reliable predictions of success in the marketplace.

We recently conducted a study in which we compared expressed preference, EEG brain data and sales data. To that end, we invited 35 female subjects and asked them to rate different shoes on a likability scale from 1 to 5. 

Then we conducted EEG brain scans to study the effect of the shoes and  their prices on customers. Sales data were better predicted by EEG brain data than from explicit ratings. Such neural predictors are now being implemented in the fashion industry to help finalize fashion collections and select the best prototypes.


For more information, please send an email from your company account with the subject line "shoes" to



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