World-class marketing has become aware of the power of scientifically well-grounded Electro- encephalography (EEG). EEG recordings can precisely track marketing-relevant parameters such as attention, emotional engagement, memory encoding, or wakefulness millisecond by millisecond.

Using clever experimental settings and advanced scientific analyses, EEG can also be used to assess the impact of brands, concepts or prices on the brain via the “immediate brain response”.

This immediate brain response is a well-studied phenomenon stemming from thousands of studies in basic brain research and experimental psychology. We analyze the activity in the brain within the first half second after the stimulus is presented.
The Neuromarketing Labs translate this research to the benefit of your company. The recorded brain wave data is processed using analysis algorithms developed specifically by the scientists at The Neuromarketing Labs. Our EEG-systems is completely portable and we can perform studies anywhere in the world. 
The Neuromarketing Labs is one of only a few neuromarketing agencies in the world that work exclusively with the most modern high-end equipment available. This extraordinary equipment is designed to ensure capturing the specific components of the brain activity that are needed to accurately measure emotions, attention, memory, and the immediate brain response. An EEG brain scan is as safe and non-invasive as being filmed.


Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) is a method which detects activated brain regions.

This technology is especially useful to study the emotional reactions that different commercials, product designs, prices and other marketing material evoke.


For fMRI-research we work together with Neurensics Germany. The proprietary fMRI-analysis that we offer is based on a unique analysis that measures up to 13 relevant emotions:  Expectation, Trust, Value, Involvement, Familiarity, Danger, Disgust, Anger, Fear, Novelty, Attention, Desire and Lust. 

Recent scientific fMRI-studies have shown that fMRI predicts consumer behavior better than questionnaires.

Eye Tracking

This technology is used to measure and track gaze direction on a moment-to-moment basis. What a person looks at tells us what they are interested in and what attracts their attention.


The Neuromarketing Labs uses a video-based cornea-reflex system, which illuminates the eye with infrared light, measures the reflection, and finds the pupil automatically. This information is then processed so that you know what customers focus on while seeing your products or advertisements.

We combine eye tracking with EEG to understand not only where consumer look but also what happens in the brain at that exact moment in time.


The gaze direction is color coded. Dark red indicates the regions, which are most likely to be looked at by someone viewing the commercial.


In certain cases, additional biometric  measure are useful to answer certain kinds of questions.


Many psychological phenomena have physiological counterparts that can be measured with modern equipment.


We have a large portfolio of additional physiological parameters that can be measurend in addition and have proven to provide deep customer insight.

  • Electrodermal activity (EDA or galvanic skin response, GSR respectively) measures the sweat rate
  • Heart rate
  • Respiratory rate
  • Pupil dilation
  • Skin temperature
  • Electromyogram (EMG) measures muscle potentials, e.g. muscle activity in the face

We are happy to discuss the specific requirements for your research question.


While it is hardly ever better to ask someone explicitly regarding his attitude or intention, there are other valuable measures of behavior.

Reaction time is one of them and therefore it is part of our multi-method approach.

We add reaction time measures to specific experiments to reveal implicit preferences, attention or decision factors. Interestingly, it depends on the research question, whether it is better to tell someone that their reaction time is measured or not.

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