Past Events

CEUTA Conference London

Prof. Dr. Kai-Markus Müller presents:

Boosting Profits with the Feel-Good Price


Shopper Brain Conference


Matthias Wirth presents:

Priced According to Value? Decoding and

Utilizing Unconscious Value Perception


Dynamic Pricing Forum, Amsterdam 

Prof. Dr. Kai-Markus Müller presents:

Consumer behavior and the impact of dynamic pricing


European Pricing Summit, London

Prof. Dr. Kai-Markus Müller presents:

The perils of dynamic pricing


Annual Digital Pricing Summit, Barcelona

Prof. Dr. Kai-Markus Müller presents:

The consumer psychology of digital pricing


Value perception in the customer's mind


European Pricing Summit, Berlin

27. - 28.06.2017
Willingness-to-pay is not a conscious concept:

How to measure value perception directly from the buyer's mind
Kai-Markus Mueller, The Neuromarketing Labs and Loon Lee, Philips Healthcare


Berlin neuromarketing day 2017

Dr. Kai-Markus Müller presents a practical case 

focusing on NeuroPricing®


BVM-Fachtagung, Berlin
"... mit Gefühl und Verstand: Wie Ärzte entscheiden"




Media reports about us

Media coverage

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Focus Online (online): Kein „Breaking Bad“? - Serien-Junkies reagieren wie Drogenabhängige.

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