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The Neuromarketing Labs was founded in Germany in 2011 by experienced neuroscientists to develop experimental paradigms and analysis protocols with the vision to provide Neuromarketing at the highest scientific and professional standards.


We provide our clients with innovative approaches to help them make marketing decisions based on valid, reliable and objective information on how their customers perceive advertising, product design, and prices. 



We have an extensive network of outstanding scientists all over the world and access to substantial research facilities at the University of Amsterdam and the University of Tuebingen, Europe’s premier center for cognitive  and neuroscience research.

Your contacts

Chief Executive Officer CEO, Prof. Dr. Kai-Markus Müller

Prof. Dr. Kai-Markus Müller – an entrepreneur, neuroscientist and the founder of The Neuromarketing Labs.  


Kai formerly worked as a management consultant with international strategy consultants Simon-Kucher & Partners with a focus on pricing and marketing strategies. Now a scientific entrepreneur and Professor for Consumer Behaviour, he aspires to transform cutting-edge technologies from neuroscience into applicable market research tools. Being a specialist in price, product and advertising research, he possesses many years of experience in the fields of pharmaceuticals, finances, industry and retail. Kai is also a popular and frequently booked keynote speaker. His recent book “NeuroPricing – how customers think about prices” was published in German in the fall of 2012.

Management Director, Matthias Wirth

Matthias Wirth – a businessman and entrepreneur

with more than 20 years experience in B2B marketing, sales and business development. He has been a

long-standing interim manager. Matthias has expert knowledge in the fields of industry, IT, telecommunications and financial services.


Within The Neuromarketing Labs Mattlhias is responsible for sales and marketing. 

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