Our Services

  • Neuro Pricing

    Using NeuroPricing, we determine willingness-to-pay and perceived value for a product or service directly from brain activity.

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  • NeuroAdvertising

    Using NeuroAdvertising we gain insights into commercials and predict their success the basis of brain activity.

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  • Success Prediction

    We have developed methods to predict success of products in the marketplace by measuring brain reactions of customers.

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  • Talks & Workshops

    Our experts in neuromarketing and behavioral economics offer workshops and talks in several languages.

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Welcome to The Neuromarketing Labs

The basis of a successful company are satisfied customers. Knowing what motivates a customer to buy a product, helps the company to optimize it. Our expertise is in using neuroscience and behavioral economics to tell you what your customers really value and desire.

We transform modern neuroscientific approaches and technologies into state-of-the-art scientific marketing and pricing strategies. In our high-tech laboratories, experts analyze how consumers react to products, prices, advertising, and marketing materials. We directly measure activity in the brain to gain insight into the emotional and mental processes that govern decision making. 

Introduction to NeuroPricing®


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